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Ready to outgrow your own bullshit?

Do you have shitty eating or exercise habits that don't support the body and vitality you want?  Sluggish and heavy?

Do you have a nasty asshole inside your head that constantly tells you you're "too this", "too that", "not good enough"?

Are you a people pleaser? Don't even know how to say no? Always putting yourself last?

Are you in a constant state of overwhelm? Stress? Living the manic life...days feel so long but years are flying by?

We know, we have been there before and that's why we created this platform.  For you.

To give you the tools to shift the shitty habits and create the change you crave in your life.....all with a healthy dose of humour and mild insanity.

Did you know we have a 100% success rate with people committed to becoming a non- smoker for life? We have a program for that too! 

Contact us here for a no strings attached chat.



The Lou & Shae platform contains programs to shift your shitty habits.

All these programs have a focus on Hypnotherapy…why?

Because this is how we tap into the subconscious directly, to change all the things not serving you anymore, fast and efficiently.


Our pillar programs have you addressing the crap we carry as women; aka Mother. Fucker. Hustler.”


Yep you got it, these are our Women’s only programs.

From resentment, guilt, procrastination, no/low sex drive, self-loathing, fear of judgement, lack of confidence and self-esteem, not knowing who you are anymore, manifesting the right kind of stuff, cultivating compassion, having some drive and focus, making more money….we have got you covered women!!! 

All the hats you wear on the daily…sorted. With a bit more ease and a lot more flow! With a bit more joy and a lot more peace. Oh heck, more fun, more frivolity, more laughs, more enjoyment, more of all the good stuff! Less of all the relentless consistency that drags us down and makes us drink all the plonk…or gin. You get us? We go there too…it’s a part of life as a woman!


Want to quit smoking the Durries or stay focussed on your exercise, fitness and health goals? 

We also have programs for that!

Programs can be purchased individually with lifetime access or in bundles which SAVE YOU MONEY (like a lot of money) and still give you access for life. 


About Us

Knowledge is Power

We are both married with 3 kids each.

We are Certified NLP practitioners, Time Line Therapists, Life Strategists, Master Hypnotherapists, Public Speakers, hand holders, ass kickers and best of all hackers of shitty habits.

 Shae is  a Specialist Registered Nurse and ex-Personal Trainer and Lou is a Special Needs Early Childhood Teacher.

Our main focus is teaching others about self love, holistic health, empowerment, knowing you are worthy of anything your heart desires and believing that you are enough to bring your wildest dreams to fruition.

Join us and show us what you are capable of!!!!!

PS, this is all done with a healthy dose of humour, piss taking, wig wearing, swearing, fun and pants wetting laughter.

Go on, we dare you!


Are you READY to join our next 3 day retreat and begin 



Retreats...the immersive experience to create massive change and "unfuck" yourself quickly.

3 days all inclusive live in experience- over 30 hours of experiences including special guests, NLP practices, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. 


A 1 day event to dip your toes into the Lou & Shae experience...walk away a completely different woman.

5.5 hours of experiences including Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and NLP practices to shift the shit and "unfuck" yourself.

How to see us in person with a bunch of other badass women...


We’d love to hear from you! Reach out today with any questions, or simply to learn more about any of our courses.

Shae 0402-048-688

Lou 0411-383-398

ABN: 96246376827

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