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OMG those words!!!  "weight loss"- when you lose something- doesn't that mean you intend to find it again?  Not here..... Drop the chub and leave it behind. Now. Always. It starts and ends with your mind.... Thank Fark for hypnosis.

Mind, body, spirit...... Yep you've heard it all before- but it's bloody true.  Start with your emotions- and the rest will follow. Oh and sleep...don't forget about of the most vital ingredients when it comes to dropping fat and transforming your health. This is what Hypno does, sleep is one of the first things you notice improve.

Motivation is bullshit. Action comes before motivation. You must do the thing that makes you uncomfortable- then motivation arrives.  No shit- you will not wake up one day with motivation tapping you on your shoulder saying "Hey!  Wake up- let's do this!"  You gotta do the internal work!


"I have been working with Lou and Shae for 3 months doing their weight loss program- during that time I have lost a total of 6.1kg and 40cm. I have done quite a few programs over my life- if you name it, I have tried it.  The key difference with this program is that you're changing what's in your head and that's definitely been the difference with this.  I haven't been perfect with this.... I have still enjoyed my wine, cheese, and lunches out.  One of the key differences with this is that you don't beat yourself up when you do those things.  You're not living a perfect "saint-hood" life diet you are finding what works for you and learning how to deal with that in your own head space.  If you are looking for something different and something that works I strongly recommend you reach out and try their program"

Sammie G, Sydney

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