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March 8-11th 2024
South East QLD

Maybe you have hit the magical 40, headed to 40 or maybe 40 was a distant memory....a few kids have been created in your body, you have nourished them, raised them, started a career, put the career off to nurture aforementioned tiny humans, lost who you are along the way...


Feeling lost, stuck, bored, flat...maybe the sparkle has gone?

Maybe you haven't even had kids and the purpose of your life is being lost in the bottom of a bottle of shiraz and block of Cadbury's.....

Are you craving that little helping hand hold or a giant arse kick while you figure out who the fuck you are and what you stand for? Are you begging to have all those ducks in a row with no squirrels at a rave?

You know- one minute wiping someone’s small ass.....while making the sales calls... and then surprising your partner with 🍆 💦 



That’s where we can end up. 

Like a spot of rust in a car- a little bit of resentment...... not too bad.

Suddenly we have LOTS OF RESENTMENT- the only thing that car will be good for is a boat anchor.  


Are you feeling us? 

Are you giving your family the scraps at the end of the day? 

Are you hating your body?   Your face?  Just feeling unlovable?

Do you have an inner bitch who constantly tells you you're not good enough?

Are you fucking overwhelmed constantly? 

Are you drowning in the relentlessness of daily shit?

Are you beating yourself up and feeling guilty because you’re doing all the things but nothing is actually being done WELL. 

Do you talk to yourself like shit? 💩🤦‍♀️ 

Do you lose your soul in a bottle of Shiraz and do you seek solace in a Sav?

Do you have no idea of what you want or maybe you know what you don't want...and that's currently what you have.

Do you want to BE more instead of DO more?

How do you flip hats, change roles and do it with ease and grace?


We have the tools! 

We use loads of techniques as master NLP practitioners, Master Hypnotherapists and Time Line therapy practitioners. 

Add in our highest value of FUN and it’s a wild and freeing weekend. Or 3 days 😜



A "Retreat" like no other.


Limited spots! We will sell out again!

Want to feel like that? 


Everything included- experiences, pampers, adventures, guests, food (yes we aren't all about the vegan juice train)- the whole shebang! 💜💜💜 

Let’s chat to see if it’s a fit for you!!!!

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Are you READY to join our next retreat and release your Godess?

Spots go FAST, and we want you to be there!

So you have 2 options:

If you're still thinking about it... 
Click 'More Info' to hit us up and have a chat!

Or if you're feeling like a total badass, click BOOK NOW to see pricing plans...and let's do this thing!

** Please be advised that any deposits received for retreats are non refundable due to venue bookings***

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