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October 7th 2023- Sunshine Coast
October 21st 2023- Gold Coast
November 11th 2023- Brisbane

Got the intuition or the kick in the guts that something's gotta give before you lose ya shiz completely?  

The relentlessness of life can keep us in a mega rut and we can lose years before we make some changes to get us back on track.


and if you are tired of choosing things that don't serve you to your best then let us help you to choose differently!


Do you want to BE more instead of DO more?

Do you want to do mum, wife, boss, employee with sparkle and grace?

Does life just overwhelm you to the point of you cannot wait for bed time?

How do you flip hats, change roles and do it with ease and grace?


We have the tools! 

We use loads of techniques as master NLP practitioners, Master Hypnotherapists and Time Line therapy practitioners. 

Add in our highest value of FUN and we want you to experience how good a quick dose of change can feel! 😜

ONE day of laughter, fun, shaking out some shit and getting acquainted with who you are and what's important to you. Let's align that subconscious with what you WANT!



Limited spots! 


Light refreshments included- please bring your own lunch or know where to go with ease during our lunch break.

Let’s chat to see if it’s a fit for you!!!!

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Are you READY to join our next event and release your Godess?

Spots go FAST, and we want you to be there!

Bring a friend and save $

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