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This comes in 2 parts…

The Fucker. Yes its about sex and sensuality.
Are you a woman who has lost her Aphrodite in a world of Mrs Doubtfire? Get out of your own way and ignite the sexual enjoyment and fulfilment you crave. That perhaps you once had in your life but now its fizzled out. Lose the inhibitions, get the spontaneity back and crack on with the cheeky, playful, raunchy side of you.

The Lover. This is all about you.
Do you have a bitchy inner critic who cannot say a nice thing about you? Do you let her rule? Dominate her and say fuck off Felicia! Get control of your thoughts, clean them up, change when and how they happen. Grow your self love into an epic showing of radical self love….walk down the street in whatever the fuck you want with the confidence of Beyonce…posture girl, it’s all in the posture. How do you move throughout the world?
Have you ever taken a good look at yourself and thought cripes, I am responsible for all this and just don’t know how to get out of it? Or even where to start? Are you sick of your own bullshit? This is your program to unfuck yourself. While we are on unfucking yourself…..are you absolutely stifled in life with the opinion of others? Are your fearful of their judgement? Or perhaps is it fear of being rejected?

This program will radically change the way you perceive and think about yourself, on the inside and outside. You will create new beliefs about yourself and bugger off any outdated crap you have picked up along the way… you will drop any walls stopping you from moving throughout the world with your unique sparkle and ignite the sensual woman within so you can connect with yourself and others on a whole new level of epic.


"I have been working with Lou and Shae for 3 months doing their weight loss program- during that time I have lost a total of 6.1kg and 40cm. I have done quite a few programs over my life- if you name it, I have tried it.  The key difference with this program is that you're changing what's in your head and that's definitely been the difference with this.  I haven't been perfect with this.... I have still enjoyed my wine, cheese, and lunches out.  One of the key differences with this is that you don't beat yourself up when you do those things.  You're not living a perfect "saint-hood" life diet you are finding what works for you and learning how to deal with that in your own head space.  If you are looking for something different and something that works I strongly recommend you reach out and try their program"

Sammie G, Sydney

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