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Our brand new 2022 Diary is Here!


Love a diary that comes with spots you can doodle in or colour while you’re on hold or the brain is having a moment?


What about a diary with a cover that is completely unique to you! It comes in black and white just waiting for you to impart your fav colours onto….. Wire bound for your page turning ecstasy…sits flat…oh yeah!


Love to have a whole page for your days so you can fill them with all kinds of awesomeness you get to do?


Like to see your week viewed on one page?


Like to see the month ahead?

Or the year ahead?


Do you love a good bit of witchy poo voodoo and moon guidance for planning your life? Yep so do we.


Do you understand that the language of our thoughts shape who we are and our reality so perhaps we should make a proclamation of who we are?


Set up the year for success!

Because we aren’t going to all of a sudden be the raging legend we know we can be by thinking like a deadbeat or living our future wounded by our past.


The decision has to made first, then the thinking cleaned up and finally our reality starts to change.


This diary is designed and made by 2 Aussie Hypnotherapists who work with women to clean up their shitty subconscious programming and rewire them for the life they know they are worthy of.


These wenches love a good swear, their signature Hypnotherapy and Retreat content is all around the archetypes of women they have worked with over the years…. Mother. Fucker. Hustler.


All the hats we wear daily…..


This diary comes with a censored sticker so if you work in a giant pansy workplace you can cover the word up for their wellbeing.


B5 in size

Ring bound

Day to a page

Weekly overview each week

Monthly overview each month

Yearly overview

Mindset prompts

Moon guides

Colourable cover!

Mother. Fucker. Hustler. 2022 Diary

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