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I am a Non Smoker for life!

I am a Non Smoker

Perhaps you have tried to give up the darts before using all the other shitty bandaid products aimed at quitting, let us show you why these just don't work!

They have a 93% failure rate, when they's not you! 

"I am a Non Smoker" is your program for hacking the dirty habit of smoking cigarettes. This is a program for people who are crippled with feeling like they are stuck with this habit for life.

This system is so powerful, for everyone who follows the program as specified and to completion and has a 100% success rate!!! 

Support from us, 2 kick arse products (Elite and Rejuveniix- more info below via yellow buttons) to help your body with sleep, detoxing, fatigue management, energy production, mood enhancement, stress management and immune support plus subconscious reprogramming via Hypnotherapy and a life as a non smoker!!

It is what you deserve!

Contact us today for a no strings attached chat to make sure this program is a good fit for you. It's not for everyone, you MUST WANT TO QUIT and you must be able to follow simple instructions. Simples.

PS. You have lifetime access to this program so no matter what life throws at you, you are the one in control of you and your habits. No fucking excuses.

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All this for only




If you want to better yourself Lou is the lady you want in your cheer squad 🙌🏼 my partner went to Lou to quit smoking & after 30 years that’s exactly what he did!! With Lou’s help he was able to give it up & not look back. He has now been cigarette free for 13 months & going as strong as ever. Lou is the lady to have on your side 💕

Anon-Sunshine Coast

6 months ago I made the decision that it was time to quit smoking. Having smoked since I was 16, now in my 40’s, it was time to do something about my health. Scared I would just put on weight and scream at my kids, and just becoming a whole new person, I was dreading it all. Talking to Lou about my concerns, she made me realise it was all very normal to feel this way. IT WAS SO MUCH EASIER THAN I THOUGHT!! I walked out and didn’t miss it at all. My body went through the detox which left me in tears for a few days but it was a weird feeling because I had no idea why I was crying because I certainly wasn’t thinking about smoking. I made the effort to create new pathways in what I did as a daily routine. For a while I would eat and think about going outside but a voice immediately said “you’re a non smoker” and I would instantly just move on. Thanks Lou for this life changer. I’m happy, my husbands happy and my kids got to watch me kick the habit. X

Danika and Gary

I would just like to share our experience of becoming non smokers. Hubby and I made the decision to give up smoking as we really wanted to get healthy and kick this filthy habit once and for all. We had both been smoking since the age of 16 and smoked (hubby 25 a day) and (myself 10 roughly 10 a day), however this would turn into a lot more if we were out having fun drinking. We had tried numerous times over the years via cold turkey, medication but we just kept going back. We had heard from some friends that they had some good out comes via hypnotherapy with Lou we thought lets give it a go as we really wanted this and Lou has had great success rate with people stopping. From the moment we made the decision to stop smoking we called Lou and she made the process smooth and easy to get our heads around as this is a massive step and life changing, for us this had to be it we were done with being unhealthy smokers. Of course we all have sceptical thoughts about hypnotherapy and I wont lie my hubby had many but all he wanted was to give up we both did. Lou made us feel comfortable and empowered to achieve anything. The whole process has been great, I wont say its always smooth sailing but this process has been a lot easier than previously. We are both feeling great and are proud and happy to say that we have been smoke free for 12 weeks now and saved so much money. If you really want to give up we would say do it, the money you spend you will save in the first month. We are both very proud of ourselves, our kids are stoked and it feels great to say we are non smokers. If you really want to give up please have a chat to Lou.


1 year ago today, with the help of Lou Smith I was finally set free from my addiction to smoking! It has been easy and stress free. I have not, in 365 days, had a single temptation. I don’t miss it one bit! My lungs are happy and so am I. If this is something you too would like to overcome, give Lou a call. Hypnotherapy really works!

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